The Lovely Wars

Cariad a Dawnsio . Love and Dancing

Merry Christmas . Nadolig Llawen

FREE download of our version of First Noël which will be on the soundtrack to ‘A Wonderful Christmas Time’.

Lawrlwythwch ein fersiwn ni o First Noël AM DDIM. Fe fydd ar drac sain ffilm newydd ‘A Wonderful Christmas Time’.

The Lovely Wars

ANOTHER new video . Fideo newydd ARALL

(Edited by Alice Knipping . Golygwyd gan Alice Knipping)

Here’s yet another new video, this time for the b-side of our new single Brân i Brân. Out on Monday 24.02.14. Pre-order here.

Fideo newydd arall, y tro yma i ochr-b ein sengl Brân i Brân. Mas Dydd Llun 24.02.14. Archebwch yma.

New Video . Fideo Newydd

(Filmed by Dan Lazenby, edited by Alice Knipping . Ffilmiwyd gan Dan Lazenby, golygwyd gan Alice Knipping)

We were going to share this tomorrow but frankly, it can’t wait! This is the video to our new single Brân i Frân, out on Monday 24.02.14. Pre-order here

O ni’n mynd i aros tan fori i bostio hwn, ond wel… pam lai? Wai weit ondife?! Dyma’r fideo ar gyfer ein sengl newydd Brân i Frân, mas Dy’ Llun 24.02.14. Archebwch yma.


Brân i Frân is our first Welsh language release and is out on Monday 24.02.14 along with our b-side Future is Cancelled. We’re ever-so happy to release it, especially as an actual RUSHENT mixed it for us. Mr James Rushent. Yes indeedio! Pre-order on Bandcamp.

Brân i Frân fydd ein sengl Gymraeg gynta ac mi fydd mas ar Ddydd Llun 24.02.14 ynghyd a’r ochr b Future is Cancelled. Ni mor falch i rhyddhau hwn, yn enwedig pan fod gwir RUSHENT wedi micso fe i ni. Do wir! Mr James Rushent. Hapusrwydd! Archebwch ar Bandcamp.

Single Artwork . Gwaith Celf

Bran i Fran

(Gwaith celf gan Ani Saunders . Artwork by Ani Saunders)

Ma’r sengl newydd, Brân i Frân, mas dy Llun nesa 24.02.14! Iahw! Dyma i chi’r gwaith celf.

Our new single, Brân i Frân, is out on Monday 24.02.14! AHHOOGAAH! Here’s the artwork.

TV Appearance . Ni ar y Teli

Here we are performing our new single on S4C’s music show Ochr 1.

Dyma ni yn perfformio’n sengl newydd ar Ochr 1.

Radio Session . Sesiwn Radio

Our Sŵn Festival Radio session back in October. Thank you On-Par!

Sesiwn Radio Gwyl Sŵn nôl ym mis Hyderf. Diolch On-Par!


Merry Christmas . Nadolig Llawen

The Lovely Wars

Ani, Alice, Ceri, Dan & Bill x

New Video . Fideo Newydd


The Lovely Wars
We spent yesterday filming a video for our new Welsh single Bran i Fran (Someone for Everyone), out in the new year. 7:30am start. Oh dear.

Ddoe netho ni ffilmio fideo ar gyfer ein sengl newydd Bran i Fran sy’ mas yn y flwyddyn newydd. Dechre am 7:30yb. O na na.